Canoes and Dogs...

The great explorer
Here is Arlo the first time he really started to like the canoe. This is in a small lake in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

What kind of dog is Arlo?
Fox Hound? He’s very handsome and looks like he enjoys his boat. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing pictures. We are new to kayaking and we very much enjoy taking the dogs out with us.

We have to wait for warmer weather, though, since we don’t have cold weather gear.

Has anyone had to do a rescue with a dog onboard? If so, how did you manage it?


Thanks For The Link
Canoe in hand, dry land training underway, have only been thinking about a doggie PFD so far.


Walker Hounds
Arlo is a Coon Hound aka Treeing Walker Hound. The only difference between Fox (Running Walker Hound) and Coon hounds is there is a mutt in the roots of the Coon hound’s family tree.

I had Arlo out in my forty year old homemade two man open kayak. It has about zero initial stability so he stood stark still dead center in fear. He prefers canoes.

dog pfd tests

Here’s an older Lotus in use!

So far, so good
We have 2K9s + 2K9 PFDs.

Based on the articles, we will test them out to make sure they work with our dogs once the weather warms up.

Picking up on Arlo, I think the derivation of American breeds and strains is fascinating. Here is the “family tree” for two of my personal favorite Americans, the Rat Terrier and Toy Fox Terrier:

I have great respect for the “coon dog” breeds. A training friend of mine has a gorgeous Redbone that she is training in cadaver work for search and rescue.

Not the type of dogs for everyone, guaranteed, but beautiful to watch when they are working a track.

Thanks for the links…
Great to have posted for everyone making these decisions!