Can't kayaks be transported upside down?

my Perception…
has bulkheads???..and I have always transported it upside-down!


My Perception has bulkheads.

Don’t know where the poster saying they didn’t is coming from.

Next time you go to an open house at a dealer where the factory reps are present, take a look at how they transport. I have seen many that transport kayaks (composite) inverted on a padded arm.

According to the Current Designs manual,
under ‘Transportation and Storage’, "A vehicle is often the most dangerous environment for your kayak. A quality roof rack with specialized kayak carriers is a small price to pay for protecting your boat. A composite kayak is usually carried deck up and hull down because the hull is built stiffer than the deck. Don’t transport your kayak on a set of flat bars unless you pad the bars in such a way as to cradle the hull.

Some racks have ‘towers’ or upright supports which allow the kayak to be carried on its side where the boat is stiffest.

Polyethylene kayaks can warp if tied down too tightly on a flat roof rack. Plastic can take the shape of the roof rack if the kayak is not supported properly. Cradles are highly recommended to keep the hull of your kayak from getting roof rack dents.

A cockpit cover is a good idea to keep water out of your kayak.

Transporting yaks
When we purchased our Perception Carolinas, the dealer suggested transporting the kayaks upside down unless only going a short distance. We have transported them both right side up and upside down without any issues. I prefer upside down as there is less wind resistance and they just seem to ride better. Our suburban already had a luggage roof rack, we use the pads he gave us with the kayaks which slip on the roof rack, then we tie them down good using rope. The dealer did an excellent job showing us how to tie the kayaks down and we bought the rope at Lowe’s, $10 for a lot of rope. He did say not to use the ski rope but rather the braided rope.

Not if its Glass or Kalv.
If its roto. Whatever it takes. May put a wow in it for awhile but they pop out with heat. If you saw how these boats where shipped in trailers you wouldn’t worry about .The Manufactures cram as may kayaks they can. They get smashed and stepped on before you get it. Even tossed. Thats why there are so many factory seconds. Dings -wows and cuts. So its you preference. The side of the boat is the strongest point on rotomold ones. Suggest if you carry it deck up ,get plastic to cover cockpit and bungee cord to secure it. Keeps spiders out too. Red flag it, if it sticks out too far. Someone can run into it on Hwy

Good paddling.