Cape Horn 15.5 Flipping

Question about the Cape Horn 15.5…

I bought it…love it…very stable…

Problem, alot of people keep telling me to learn how to roll it because it is not as stable as I think…

I had it out in the Chesapeake Bay in two foot waves and couldn’t get the thing to come close to flipping…

I get the impression with this boat that I would have to do something really stupid or go way way out of my way to get the thing to flip…

Appreciate your thoughts…Thanks!

don’t worry…

rolling IS a great skill but the CH is a fine ride.

any EDU that you come by, in the BIG picture, will do ya good.

you are what we call “un-consciously incompetent” you don’t even know what you don’t even know.

next is “consciously incompetent”

take a lesson and become “consciously competent” and life is good.

when you get good at it it becomes “un-consciously competent” and you can answer newbies questions!



My head hurts!

I Own One

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I'm with you. Very stable.

Only time mine ever went over was the day I learned about broaching. If you surf a wave, don't let the wave get you sideways... unless you have a mean brace.

Some people
Not unheard of to go for a long time to that first flip in real life conditions if you have a decent boat and good balance, don’t go into crazy conditions and can relax in the boat. Also not rare for someone to go over the first time they try a higher end boat or try to manuver in conditions… most people live in the middle. It might take a while, but that moment is coming if you paddle long enough.

Nice to know you may be on the first part of the scale rather than the latter though. Gives you some time to practice self-rescues before you need it for real the first time.

Yeah stable
I owned a cape horn 170 and it has been extremely stable in any wave action ive been in, up to 3 ft chop or so. I’ve never seen or heard of a 155 but i assume its pretty much same as a 150,which is pretty much same as the 170 i had but shorter and an inch wider.

2 things about the cape horns. Yes,Stable boat, Yes boat that’s good in chop.BUT. the secondary stability isnt all that good. From what i remember playing with mine, you lean it close to point where you get water over cockpit rim and it wants to send you swimming. My Elaho or most intermediate boats you can put the cockpit rim 3+inches under water and still feel in control.

I remember being in mild to decent chop,probably a km or so off shore in my cape horn and it was doing fine as always, i rested my hands for a sec and ALMOST tipped myself when i picked the paddle out of the water. A moment of stupidity that almost sent me swimming. Can happen to anyone.

And i remember once playing in chop, surfing down a wave with rudder up, good wave,my bow was starting to bury just as the stern tried to kick sideways. i corrected that with a stern rudder stroke but if i didnt i’d be swimming.

Learn to roll, you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks for your replies…
My error…it is the Cape Horn 15…

Thanks for your replies…guess the bottom line…is if I go looking for trouble…I will find it…

My feet stink

Why limit yourself?
Learn to roll. Learn to do a cowboy re-entry. Learn to do a paddle float recovery. Learn to scull. Learn to brace. Learn to re-enter and roll. Learn to stand up in your boat. etc, etc, etc.

The more you are capable of, the safer and more enjoyable paddling will become.