Capella or Tempest

NDK -> Kakak Sport Hatches

On NDK boats, the big hatches are Kayak Sport. The day hatch is from Valley.

The Kayak Sport hatches have the radial pattern on them.

There is a bit of a difference between the two suppliers.

(Unless they’ve changed recently.)

Just took my new (used but new to me) Tempest out!!! Phew!! That was awesome. First chance I’d had to take out on more than a quick test spin. Wish the winds hadn’t been 15-25 with gusts beyond. Made the way home tons of fun!!

I liked what I read about the Capella but the used Tempest fit my budget better. Not sure I have the outfitting just right yet. Set it all up at home but after a few hours on the water I’m pretty sure there’s some tweaking left to be done.

I really appreciate all the advice you guys had to offer. It definitely helped a lot. The 165 is standard poly, no duralite and the skeg system is in great shape. Bulkheads still very well sealed and I have always liked WS’s seats. Really impressed with the way the Tempest cut through the choppy water today. I never could have fought that much wind in my squatty rec boat. Had a nice little race with an outboard fishing boat…and for a little while there I was in the lead!! (Though I’m pretty sure the manatee zone had quite a lot to do with it…but I’ll take an ego boost where I can get one.)

…Now I need to get myself a skirt…since my other one doesn’t fit the Tempest and I’d like to start rolling. Nothing like what Brazilbrasil does. I only want to know how for safety reasons and to cool off once in awhile. Need to find someone in the area who could show me the ropes and make sure I’m safe the first few times. Anyone know who has rolling clinics in Central Florida? I learn fairly quickly but I don’t want my first roll to be out on the St Johns all alone…doesn’t sound wise.

Take care all- Toddy


Way to go!
It’s a fine boat and I’m sure you will get many happy miles in it. Now forget about all the others for a while and just enjoy it.

glad you like HER! she’ll take the high road alot of the time but paying YOUR dues and learning to roll and do rescues is GREAT!

have fun


And I think you made the good choice, though I still haven’t had time in the Tempest.

I ended up spending considerable time in a Capella in the pool last night, I believe the one that would often be recommended for me. I was trying to confirm what I could do in it at an upcoming outdoor show where that is likely to be the demo boat.

It has its nice features but I found that it was a bear to move at my size - 5’4" and 135 pounds.

I could roll it, scull it, balance brace it after a bit of work, but all those moves required a lot more muscle from me than in either of my other boats. In fact I am not sure that I ever managed to lift the boat up without having some weight on the paddle blade to get purchase to start it to motion, something that is not an issue with my Vela or my Explorer LV unless the latter is heavily loaded.

It was interesting in the cockpit - the thigh braces actually came back well far enough, but the front deck as still high enough that I was somewhat artificially jammed into the footpegs to get the contact I needed.

outstanding boat!
You won’t regret your purchase… Oh and for the 15-20 mph winds, not to worry the boat will handle them just fine. And if you end up swimming, no worries… Flatpick will be there to rescue you, it always worked that way for me (big smirk).


Have fun!
The T165 will do right by you in wind, with a little effort on your part. And learn to trim the skeg!

This is one kayak where you will never have to ask yourself, “Should I have taken X instead because things are getting rough?” You are covered.

Guardian angel??
that only works when you’re livin’ in the PNW, Wade!

It’s hard for me to cover the Great Lakes, too!!!


This mean that it’s not beyond the scope of possiable (only dificult ?)…just curious, in case I need rescuing sometime…or do you only rescue Tempests?


Best Wishes


Great choice (either would have been really) Poly is great even if it is a bit heavier. the Tempest handles waves and conditions beautifully. It will be a boat you can grow into very easily and no you can’t beat the outfitting out of the box.

If I find a 165 used I will sell my 170 and get it. I lost 35 lbs paddling and the 170 is still just fine, I am just getting used to lower volume boats and the T 165 appeals due to its handling characteristics.

Good luck with it and remember, the boat knows which side is up. Relax and let the boat do it for you.


oh no…
I’ve been known to assist just about anyone in a kayak, in need.

even Explorers.



I expect you in the Great Lakes!
When I swim again, I’m going to be looking for you in Lake Michigan. Don’t let me down (grin).

thought about this for quite awhile and finally figured that after Steve gets an airplane ticket and flies out here (Lake Superior) rents a car…borrows a boat …I think that I’m better off counting on my roll…there is a time element between needing help and him getting there that might just be a wee bit long.

although Lake Michigan has more airports near by so you might have less of a wait… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the thought Steve

Best Wishes


The magic is in his cape

You don’t give Flatpick enough credit. He needs no airlines (grin). I’ve seen him do many things that would seem like they were super-human.

or example, take a look at

Flatpick is in the first video getting hammered by some big waves. This was when I was taking my 4* training with Flatpick a couple of years ago.

The man is a paddling machine (grin).


HMMMM… that could change things…HMMM…never would have known…Thanks

Best Wishes


my SUPER-HERO ability maybe fading a bit of late…man it’s hell getting old!

just finished cutting and moving about 3 cords of cherry and walnut firewood…


it’d probably take at least 15 minutes to fly to the mid-west…even with my gore-tex cape w/booties and relief zip.

better to just remember to keep your head down and depend on THAT roll!!!



blanket statements +Tempest VS Capella
Blanket statements are really unfair!

“Not saying Wildy has great customer service but the customer service (or singular lack thereof) from British manufacturers is legendary.”

P&H are beautifully finished high quality boats and stand behind their product.

I currently own NDK and P&H boats and find the P&H Capella 161 workmanship to be superb. That said, I have two NDK boats that are w/o any problems that others have experienced. (Actually just sold the Romany for the Capella 161 but that was in mint condition.)

Note that the most similar boat to the Tempest 165 is the Capella 161 and not the 166 or 169. Like comparing apples to oranges and saying they are both round so why don’t you try an orange.