carbon touring paddle

I had a Nimbus wavewalker that I ordered direct. It was a second, but I really couldn’t tell. It was as light and as stiff as any comparable Werner (though it wasn’t a foam core, so tougher but more flexible).

I found Nimbus to be an excellent product, and excellent service . . . like most small companies run by enthusiasts.

AT Exception Tour

– Last Updated: Mar-04-10 4:24 PM EST –

Another vote for AT tour, nice small blade, carbon fibers go all the way to the tips, nicely flexy with a somewhat different crank-shaft shape than the Werner Kalliste. It was my favorite until I got a one piece WRC GP - now I alternate the two about 50/50.

PS my God, I just looked and saw how expensive the AT and Kalliste are these days. GPs just look better and better...