carbon vs. kevlar

Basic Information
Sweet Composites has a very informative web site that provides basic info on resins, fabrics, coatings and capabilities.

John Sweet recently sold the business Davey and Jennifer Hearn, but the good service continues.

For example, Fiberglass must be coated to have an affinity for resin. Carbon does not need coating.

How about S-glass and cedar???
One more material to consider…

I’ve got an old J200 that’s build from cedar strips and S-glass. It weighs about 26 pounds, and it’s probably as rigid as a factory boat made from carbon or kevlar.

Nor is it a boat I’d consider “disposable.” (Not that any racing canoe is.) No, it’s not for whitewater, or a shallow, scratchy river in August. But for usual racing conditions…

You may be able to get a cedar strip racing marathon racer built for a price that’s competitive with the factory canoes. Just one more option…