Carry ID?

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Our state law requires ID on the boat. Do you carry it on your person or in your emergency kit as well?

I was going through my emergency bag today renewing expired stuff like Benedryl and in general making sure things like lighter and flashlight were in working order. I took time to update a business card with current address and phone. I keep it in there for two reasons, if I loose the kit it might get returned, and if I am found unresponsive with it someone might know who I am. I see all kinds of things recommended to put in the good ole emergency bag, but seldom see a recommendation for ID/emergency contact/medical info.

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Good Idea!
I always have one in my PFD, but now another ID is going into my dry bag. Thanks for a good suggestion.

If you don’t take it, where is it?
I assume at least some of the time, you are car-topping, and if you don’t take ID with you, where do you leave it?

Personally, my ID is in my wallet, which always goes into a plastic jar or drybag, or both (jar in drybag). My name and home phone are written on the jar and on the bag. My cell phone and glasses go in the same place, and the jar/drybag comes with me in the boat.

I liken leaving your wallet and phone in your car to feeding wild animals. You feed wild animals, you train them to return to the place of feeding and look for more food. You leave valuables in the car, you reward thieves that break into cars parked at places we go to paddle. Please, don’t leave thief-bait in your car, because it rewards criminal behavior that affects all paddlers who use that spot.

And, if you adopt the practice of taking your wallet with you, then you will have your ID with you when you need it.


Wallet & ID always with me
When I was heavy into backpacking I’d empty my car of anything that looked remotely valuable. Then when I parked at a trailhead, I’d leave my glove box and center console open to show the trailhead burglars that there was nothing there either. Never had a problem. I suppose having a POS vehicle may have helped too.

Please humor this ole dummy…
What’s a POS vehicle?


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Paddled CO many times, never had
ID on the boat. If I were stopped and asked, I had it in my drybag.

If there is such a requirement, it isn’t observed on the many WW rivers, such as the Arkansas, that out-of-staters visit.

in my wallet
and wallet goes into a drybox with me, with car keys, etc

Wallet in dry bag.

I carry my current drivers license
in my wallet in a drybag. But I also carry my expired license in my pfd pocket just in case I get separated from my boat.

wallet in dry bag
with the rest of the ‘might be necessary’ stuff, repair items, extra emergency stuff.

One could always speak with a southern drawl and say ’ ‘bout what?’ when asked for an ID.

It’t a good idea . . .
. . . to have something with your name, address and phone number on you incase your body washes up.

Not just paddling
Any sport - biking (as in non-motorized), hiking or any activity where you could get hurt and/or be unconscious. ID good, ID and health insurance card or ID number better.

Since my own health insurance carrier and ID haven’t changed in forever, I keep the old cards to use for outdoor activities even after they’ve been replaced for one or another reason with a new piece of plastic.

Verrrry funny.
and Very clever.

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the only
reason I take it with me is so it doesn’t get ripped off in the car…

Not a bad idea to keep some extra ID in a bag.

When I ride my bike and run, I don’t carry anything that can get ripped off when I park my bike to run.

My running shorts, when I did that, tended to have a small pocket big enough for up to an insurance card or a drivers license and a fin. Car key on the shoe if I had parked, I suppose bike lock key would go there as well.

Have things changed so much that you’d have to leave those couple of items with a parked bike to run?

good idea…
I wanted to get two copies of my driver’s license but the DMV wouldn’t allow that… ? I was leaving my license and insurance it the car.

This thread had got me motivated for some ID, health insurance, and car key on me, as opposed to leaving any or all of that in the car.

It would make it a lot easier if I could have two copies of everything.

Once all that stuff starts floating around, it can get lost.

We’ve had this discussion before,
and last time someone suggested dog tag IDs. Seemed like a good idea to me, so I ordered some.

Now, whenever I ride my bike alone, I wear my dog tag with my name, two phone numbers (next of kin and friend), blood type and allergies. I wear it whenever I’m paddling, either alone or in a group. I figure something around my neck is more likely to stay with me if I’m injured and separated from bike, boat, dry bag…

It is sad when a “Jane” or “John” Doe comes in the ER, especially if they are DOA.

Lost and found…
Thought I’d lost my driver’s license, ordered a replacement, found the old one after the new one arrived. I think I lost one of them again in the house, but for a while I had two due to an honest mistake.

You might check this site out…

If you don’t need a picture ID I believe this would be perfect for you. I have the dog tags and the one that goes on your wrist. Like was stated in a earlier post. At least they know who to call to ID the body. :^)