Cars to carry Kayaks?

If you like Subarus…
…you may want to look at the Impreza Sport hatchback.

While I think the OP has long since left this room, I just thought I’d add my $.02 to anyone else that’s interested. The Sport model has solid roof rails, is lower to the ground than the CrossTrek or the larger models mentioned and has an antenna in the center back of the roof, so no issues there. It also gets up to 39 mpg (less with kayaks on top).

I added Thule cross bars and use “Stackers” if carrying several kayaks. If loading on my own I put a bathmat on the rear roof, hanging over the rear window a bit, and slide the boat up on to the racks.

Bought a Used Volvo S60

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That comes with built-in factory mounting hardware that's recessed and out of sight for removeable roof racks. Bought the OEM Volvo roof racks from TASCA (Cranston, RI) for $164 plus expedited (less than week) snowstorm shipping $61 to Hawaii. Mounted, the racks are spaced 30" OC and are 42" long. Racks, both front and back, take 10 minutes to install and carried a 21 ft. long surfski securely at 55 mph on the freeway yesterday. The surfski rested on fitted 42" long foam rack pads from a surfshop. The racks can be easily removed from the roof in half the time and conveniently stored in the car's trunk. No special tools needed. The height of the car's roof was easy for a 5'4" gal to load their long surfski (upsidedown) on it by themself (no male required).
ps: forgot to say that there's no antenna to get in the way.

Hyundai Santa Fe
I have a Santa Fe with an antenna on the roof, but two kayaks just go one each side of it.

A Thule bar lets them sit up a little which also helps keep them out of the way of the antenna.

The Santa Fe is a fairly high vehicle, and to put boats on it using J cradles I needed a small stepstool, but now having put Hullavator lift assist carriers on, loading and unloading is ridiculously easy and simple.