Cart of soft sand

I am looking for a yak cart for soft beach sand. Don’t want the ones with the balloon tires . Has anyone tried the Paddleboy Tomato?


What is the load; how soft is the sand?

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Are you talking about 250 pounds of tandem and expedition gear. or 50 pounds of boat? Sand that you can barely walk through (rather have snow shoes) or moderately soft? What kind of boat do you want to load this into, Are you willing to live with this in the cockpit?

I have a paddleboy yedo and find it very suitable. It is a hull (or center design). rather than a bow or stern design. Hull carts are better for somewhat rough ground, the yedo has the same size wheels as the tomato. Not as quick to store or as easy to mount boat on. You can get over moderate sand with a lighly loaded british boat, but that powery stuff might be a bear. You can certainly make a good cart for yourself for less but... Paddleboy gives excellent service.

if you want to move something over sand on wheels you need a large area on the sand,this is physics plain and simple. You could try two yak carts one right in front of the other. I moved a cooler that way,hmmbut with 60lbs of yak? balloon tires for sure.

Hobie cart / Sand Portaging
I am using a cart I found at Windward Boats on Oahu. Haven’t seen it anywhere else, and was told it’s made by Hobie though it doesn’t say so anywhere. It’s very compact, chrome steel frame in one piece with removable pneumatic tires, about 8" diameter. Straps to any section of hull more than about 10" wide, on four foam pads. Was pricey at $150, worth it for me since I use it constantly.

From firsthand experience, have to agree that you won’t have luck with skinny tires on sand unless it’s dry hardpack. I sometimes have to struggle to haul a 48 lb. boat even with the pneumo tires, on the softer sand beaches here in Hawaii. Another plus of the pneumo tires is they are quiet, handle bumpy surfaces very nicely, and are great for going over small road curbs/kerbs such as around parking lots. Happy paddling.

I’ve got a Tomato and it’s OK on sand…
with my Bell Northstar loaded with gear- Not Great mind you but doable.


Thanks nice to hear from
someone who knows.