cart to drag boat over sand

At 40 pounds…
…you should be carrying it.

You must be a wimp !!




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I drag my Pamlico 160 all the time through the sand & grass. I would think those carts would not be much easier in loose sand, even the ones with the big wheels. then you also have to factor in the time and effort to strap the thing on, then what are you going to do with it once you get to the water... also somebody mentioned putting the wheels amid ship, the problem with that is the boat will tilt and the tail end will drag, unless you are really short.. I agree with coffee drag it!!

to drag or not drag
Yes the carts do make carting the kayak much easier! If you have asthma, a bad back, whatever it is easier especially on hard ground or concrete. In the sand, it becomes a bit harder though.

Yes getting the cart attached to the kayak can be a problem. It depends on how nimble one is. One of the ladies who paddles in Columbus can attack four kayaks to carts while I’m still trying to get down on the ground to run the straps through.

The cart from Dicks folks up nicely and fits behind the seat of a Pungo. It might not work on some sleek kayak without a lot of space.

We all have different needs and different challenges so what works for one person may not work for the next.

Ya but
You are 33 (was I ever that young ) and your boat only weighs 40#. Try it at 65 and with a 603 boat sometime. Besides, dragging a wet boat through soft sand leaves a lot of sand stuck to the bottom which makes a real mess on your racks and roof. Plus if it is the ocean, the salt residue accelerates the rusting process. Get a Roleze cart with the big flotation wheels.

Good points… Also…
Have done it with a weekends worth of gear (another 40-50 lbs) in it, including portages that have been through more brush & blowdowns than I ever want to see again.

Not saying I am “he-man”, but saying it is a plastic boat, sand & grass won’t hurt it. Also, like I said before, it is a tandem… 60lbs divided by 2 people???

Paddle easy,


Your wife must not be your partner : )
You said " it is a tandem… 60lbs divided by 2 people???"

My wife won’t help me carry. I’m just glad that she’ll go with me sometimes. Fortuanately, I can carry my canoes resting on my shoulders when unloaded. Carrying the kayak overhead is a little more unwieldy.

Happy paddling

80# Tripper
Wha Ho, Pilgrim

Fat Elmo be 52 an’ still can portage me OT Tripper (80lbs.) a mile - albiet, wit some pantin’ an’ weezin’ at de end. Granted, ah’ likes ta carry me 36# Wildfire a’might better. But den agin’ ah’s ett me Spam every day…

Fat Elmo

Solution = Buy a solo yak

no doubt wheels work better on solid ground. but in sand & grass I doubt it would be much difference. Some time when I am bored I will need to get a cart and use my strain gauge to see how much effort one is actually saving…

Try Roleez…
I used to feel that way. A cart with those balloon Roleez wheels is definately easier than dragging over any significant distance of loose sand or grass.

I rented a heavy SOT tandem and the place used plastic dollys, like you;d use to move your fridge, and we pulled the kayak easily on pavement and fairly easily on the sand. A dolly with inflatable --or at least larger size–wheels might be good. Just lay the dolly down, put the yak on it, bungee it to the dolly, and lift and pull by the yak grip. Bye bye now.