Carts or dolly's or ?


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...lots of good points I missed. I hate carts, can't stand the complexity. I use it as an excuse to buy or build light and carry. Boat over one shoulder, paddle and dry bag in the other hand, pick it up and go. But I'm almost exclusively a day paddler.

Bought the C-Tug recently and love it. A little pricey but very light and comes apart very quickly and easily for storing in kayak hatch. Very large, sticky pads that tilt for all hull shapes and sizes. Has a strap with buckle to keep the kayak secure. I got a good deal on it from ACK.

but did you claim it on your FSA?
I’ve got to get my doc to write me a prescription.

I love my c-tug too
Another vote for the C-tug. (I’m female, almost 60, overweight, and weak upper body strength - my limitations.) With the C-tug, I can easily get my boat around my town home development: to move the boat around the building, thru my yard, and into my basement.