Chart software: never buy another chart

those aren’t charts
It’s just a catalog to show you which maps to order. NOAA started putting their charts online pretty recently, I think within the last year or 2 so maybe the Canadian gov will follow.


See the index on the side…
…that says raster charts? I don’t see anything after clicking on that that looks remotely like the NOAA raster chart site, but I’m not a computer whiz.

They’re CDs that you buy
The map is only showing you the regions that are included on the CD. You buy the chart CD then you can see the detail. Lyn

Kewl–thanks for sharing that.
Downloaded the program and I’m printing out sections of charts and after experimenting with printer settings and using 2-sided glossy brochure paper, I’m getting better color and resolution than on the charts I buy. Great way to print, splice and laminate in sizes that will fit on the front deck.

Did you see the cost just for the west coast of Vancouver Is. Canadian raster charts? $175 for that CD–ouch. Already got those paper charts anyway. I’m glad NOAA’s are free.

Anybody know how to get that

program to work in GIMP? I thought I was unzipping the files and putting them in the right folder (plugins) but no luck so far. The ‘’ guy reccomended GIMP to try that program with.

File formats
For photoshop there is a folder under plugins called fileformats. Not sure if it’s the same for GIMP.


Don’t Buy Waterproof Paper
I print my maps and charts (including raster charts downloaded with MapTech’s Chart Navigator) on PLAIN copy paper. Then I spray it with Thompson’s WaterSeal (both sides) let it dry (takes a about 5 minutes) then spray it again.

End result is the same with less expense.

Any day on the water is a great day.

How long does it last?
Have the paper already, but may try your system for next year.


Lasts a long time
I still have a map I made for a paddling trip about 3 years ago. And, did I mention you can write on these maps with pen, pencil or marker?

Any day on the water is a great day,