Chin Cord on Hat. Yes or No?

My Tilly
has two straps and in rough weather both are needed. We were recently caught on the Delaware River in gale force winds and I didn’t have a single concern about losing my hat. One strap goes under the chin and the other in the back of your head. It never budged once in those 45 mph winds.

sash weights
I use sash weights tied to the strings of my Tilley. This way I needn’t worry about entanglement, and they also make a good anchor when I want to stop and sniff the glue.

get a tilley

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the "chin strap" goes in back of the head and runs around the headband of the hat--you pull it and it tightens the hat on your head--(although there are some people, even on this website, who insist on putting the strap under their chin ala Roy Rogers or the Lone Ranger--this is not the way to wear the hat--not only does it make you look like a dork but it could result in the chin strap choking you to death) :) ps a tilley worn in this way won't impede your roll and will actually stay on your head during your roll.

I’m with Scarey and use a “hat clip”. I
have 3 and keep them on the hats at all times. These work for me as I clip one end each to the hat and my PFD. If I choose to take off the hat, the clip line is only about 6" and I can usually just shake it off my head, let it dangle down my back, and continue on my way without having it feel as if I’m being choked.

I’ve not lost a hat since I started using these.

For me they’re more comfortable than having a cord around your neck and much shorter than the clip line.

I like the idea of a hat clip
The various posts regarding getting hung up on branches have gotten me thinking about getting one of those hat clips. I’ve got a cheap wide brim REI hat. I’m sure as hell not wanting to get choked by a cheap hat. Most of the time I have the strap to the back of the head. It only goes under my chin if it’s really windy. Also, most of the time I’m kayaking pretty calm waters where I typically don’t have to worry about getting hung up in a snag. Still, I like the hat clip idea. I’ll look into getting one myself.

Make your own
A foot of parachute cord and 2 alligator clips will do the trick. Clip one end to the hat and one to the shirt collar or PFD…

hat clip or helmet
I’d get a hat clip. Perhaps they come standard on a tilley.

If you’re trying class II you may just want to get a helmet. It only takes one mishap to end your fun.

I have converted my Tilley
chin/nape cord to Samson Amstlle Blueline, 7/64" with a breaking strength of 1600 lbs.

No way my hat is coming off!


Me too…NM

I don’t know about those ‘other’ hats …
… but a Tilley should always be tethered to your BOAT, not to you!

That way, should you part company with your craft, the wayward vessel will also be included under Tilley’s replacement policy …

Good luck!