Clipper Packer, faster than Summersong &

Looks Like a Nice Canoe
I just don’t know how it could be exceptionally stable. Is it the kevlar version? What’s it weigh? There are no review on How much does (she) want for it? I’ll sell you my BJX if you want narrow. Is hers in good shape. How big a guy are you (height and weight, smartass).


I’m 5’6" and about 150 lbs.
I would’t expect the Packer to be exceptionally stable, but I don’t need exceptionally stable, just stable enought that I don’t dump it with every little weight shift. If it’s any where near as stable as the Summersong or Slipper, that would be good enough. I won’t be fishing out of it or anything.

The seller says it’s a 1999 model kevlar layup that weighs 32 lbs. They say they paid $1200 for it and are asking $750. $750 is a lot of money to me, but I’m still looking for a solo canoe that I like a lot, not just one that’s good enough to use until I get one that I’ll like better. The Summersong and Slipper are both nice boats to paddle, and are good enough for many purposes, but neither really blows my skirt up. I’m still getting to know them. Maybe I’ll learn to love them. They have very different handling characteristics.

From the two pictures they emailed me, the boat appears to be in good condition. I haven’t seen any pictures of the bottom and they haven’t responded to my request for pictures of the bottom. They say that there are only minor scratches in gel coat and that none of the cloth is exposed and that there aren’t any cracks and no repairs or scratches.

I don’t know anything about the BJX that you have, but I don’t think I’m interested in any solos over 16’.

Thanks for the offer to let me paddle some of your boats. I may take you up on that offer sometime next summer.

Keep the input on the Packer coming.


24" at gunwales, not max
According to the Canoe&Kayak buyers guide, the max width is 27 1/2". The 24" width is the width at the gunwales.

I have heard a lot about the Shockwave. How does it compare to a WENONAH Voyager?

The Clipper web site says a beam of 24"
for the Packer. Either the Clipper web site or the Canoe&Kayak buyers guide are wrong. I’ll give Clipper a call Monday to verify the specs. I just looked in my buyers guide and observed that the listed width measurements on several of the Clipper boats are different than what the Clipper web site shows. Thanks for pointing that out to me. Clipper could improve their web site by listing both max beam and gunwale width, that would greatly reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings of the specs.

The picture that the seller emailed me does show that the Packer does have a couple inches of tumblehome, but that doesn’t tell me what the max width is.

If the Packer max beam is 27.5", then the main advantage it would have over my other solo canoes is it’s lighter weight and that alone probably isn’t enough incentive for me to buy it. With widths of 24/27.5, it would resemble a shorter version of the Summersong and I’m not really interested in that right now.

If it is 27.5" wide, then I’m glad that I didn’t make the trip down there today. That would have been a huge waste of time and gas money.

Thanks again for pointing that out.

How 'Bout a Magic???
I just purchased a Bell Magic.

I might take your Summersong in trade.

For’s sake, I’d probably list in for g.p.'s.

Anyway, the Magic weighs about 29 lbs.

Agree with beam thing. If beam is 27 1/2, it would be more like a short magic if no rocker; more like a short merlin II if some rocker. NOT exceptionally fast if 27 1/2" wide…


Is that Magic faster than the Summersong
? Or just much lighter? I’ve never paddled a Magic, just looked at them on the showroom floor at Carl & John’s Paddling in Madison, WI.

How would you describe the difference in handling characteristics between your Magic & the Summersong. I wouldn’t trade the Summersong for anything that tracks less well than the Summersong.

Lighter weight would be much appreciated, but I guess that the cheaper and healthier alternative would be to start exercising and lifting weights again so that a 60 lb canoe doesn’t feel dangerously heavy to carry.

Thanks for letting me know of that option.

Max beam 27.5", gunwale width 24".
I just got off the phone with Joe at Clipper and he said that the Canoe&Kayak listing is correct for the Packer. This means that the boat is quite a different animal than I was originally thinking. Now I have to decide if I want to make that 14hrs round trip and spend the money for the kind of boat that it really is, rather than for the boat that I thought it was.

Thanks to everyone for their input and insights while trying to help me sort this out.

Voyager Has More Volume/Stability
The Shockwave is a racing-type boat. I didn’t like the Voyager 'cause it got blown around. With a load, however, I’ve heard excellent things about them for large lake chains.

Shockwave is fast. A bit spooky in chop. A kneeler’s canoe, I feel.

I said "I JUST got the Magic"
Haven’t had it out on the ice. I have, however, had it on a carpeted basement floor. With the Summersong next to it, the two seemed about the same. Neither canoe would move no matter how hard I paddled. Both the primary and the secondary were rock solid.

All kidding aside, I’m going to paddle the Summersong, Shockwave, and Magic in the spring to see which one I like best. Then, I’m going to sell one of them (and cry like a baby).


How do you choose which chile to give
away? Those are tough decisions. If I buy the Packer, I might have to let go of either the Summersong or the Slipper. Or I could let go of my 31.5" wide 16’ long Moore Canoe Co. Ladybug tandem, which hasn’t been in the water for two years because it’s too tippy for my wife to paddle with me and I rarely tandem with anyone else. I’m still waiting to paddle it with someone else who wants to go fast.

Tough choices, but storage space is finite.

I like my Clipper Packer
I bought a Packer for my wife (120 lbs) who has difficulty controlling my Wenonah Rendevous due to it volume and rocker and she loves it. My brother who is over 230 lbs also loves it. It is definitely faster than my Rendevous because it travels straighter. My Packer has some rocker and maneuvers; every time you dip your paddle the boat changes course a little; unless you put correction into it you need to switch sides about every 3 to 4 times. It’s fun to paddle for my 60 lb children too. You sit low in this boat with a narrow paddle position so a 230cm double bladed kayak paddle works very well. Even in the standard fiberglass layup it is easy to carry short and fairly light. It’s plenty stable. I would like to trade my Rendezvous for another Packer. One adult can put two small children in (on at each end) travel just fine as long as you trim it. Have fun.

Try an Alfred Packer instead.
He loved his fellow men.

What’s an Alfred Packer?

Thanks for that feedback Beng.
It sounds like a boat that would work well for me and that I’d like paddling. Unfortunately, by the time I’m able to get free to make that 760 mile round trip, someone else will probably have bought it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.