Cockpit dimensions

Some people (including manufacturers) measure the opening from the inside edge of the opening and some from the outside edge. I’ve seen the Perception Sea Lion and Shadow 16.5 cockpit measurements listed both ways and it’s pretty confusing. They are both exactly the same size, but are often listed differently.

In addition, depth of the cockpit matters as much as width and length, when it comes to how big or small a cockpit feels, as well as where the thigh braces are located.

“Lesson learned” is right!
Good job. That was an important lesson.

Did you try a Sirocco?
The Sirocco is the rotomold version of the Gulfstream, so you would expect them to have the same cockpit, right? I had a Sirocco which fit fine, wanted to upgrade to a Gulfstream. Surprise, surprise! It didn’t fit.

I’m excited to be finally moving on in the next couple of days to the boat that fits me the best, a Tempest 170. But Desertdave is right, statistics on the page don’t tell the whole story; you have to try things out for yourself.

Big guy boats that I would suggest
Tempest 180, Impex Assateague, Eddyline Nighthawk 17.5. All good boats for someone in your weight range, but again, caveat emptor, you have to sit in them and try them out for yourself.