Comments on VHF w/DSC from ICOM?

Always ends up flapping around. I hook it on caribiner

Need loop sewn on shoulder strap and something on the base like a bungee.

Follow Brian’s suggestion…it works and solves the carry / talk problem Excellent solution…

Been through that he has a smaller radio and different mount than the 850 I have. I can’t make the mount tight on the shoulder strap.

I have a M73 Icom, {mine is about the same size as yours P Dog}… bought the swivel belt mount {about $10} to replace the clip that the radio came with…works good.

There is no swivel clip for my radios 850 & 851 that I know of. So I can’t mount it tight up on the shoulder and remove it easily. Best I can think of is tubular webbing material sewn on the shoulder strap for my clip to go in.

The newer SH 870 has a removable belt clip which would let me probably do it Brian’s way.