Comparable CD Kayak by design?

Thank again…
It sounds like I’ll give the Caribou “S” a try. If things are not right with that then a family discount from CD may not play in my favor.

can’t go wrong
after having built a few s&g kayaks I’m always pleased with that one.

Of the many kayaks I’ve…
… never owned, the Caribou is one of my favorites. After a long demo day a couple years ago it was top of the list. Kayaks have very different personalities. The 'bou I’d say felt like and old friend right off. If there was no QCC 700 there’s a good chance I’d own one now.

Caribou vs. Cirrituk
Close stats!

Current Design Caribou S




Cockpit=31.5" x 16.75"

Total Hatch Storage=162L

Total Vol=322L

Impex Currituk




Cockpit=30" x 16"

Total Hatch Storage=162.77L

Total Vol=302L

Both considered Greenland inspired boats. Thanks again…will test paddle these two this weekend.

Extreme speed
Should be faster than Legend & Sultan. Close to being on par with Glider & Q700. Swap these among paddlers and the fastest paddler in the group should still be fastest in any of them.

sort of
the Caribou is plywood inspired since the original was made in plywood. This is where marketing kind of pulls a fast one with the phrase ‘greenland style’ or ‘greenland inspired’ when there’s not much similar between a greenland skin boat and the various molded boats out there except the word chines,Betsy Bay and Arctic hawk excepted. I don’t know but i’m guessing the Caribou is a faster kayak.

Most excited really…
I’m looking forward to formulating my own opinion on these boats. These are exciting times to be considering a new boat…the search itself is a blast. All thoughts have been most appreciated.

Anas Acuta

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is very close to the Greenland yak which served as its inspiration.

The Valley site differentiates among traditional (such as the Anas), classic British style (such as the Nordkapp) and contemporary (such as the Aquanaut.)

The Caribou only seems related to Greenland style if one contrasts it with North American designs such as the Solstice.