Compasses Are Installed

I installed a 70P compass on each of our Explorers (his and hers) today. One more step in getting the boats ready for some expeditions this year. There is something wrong with sitting in your kayak in the basement looking our the window at all the snow…

i hear ya …
mine’s sitting in my living room , for a wax job …How bad is that !!!

Mine are in the back yard in the shade.
50 and windy today. Brrr!

mine is sitting on the rack drying

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after being taken out for a "frigid" paddle in 90F and water of 80F.
My biggest problem at the moment is getting sunburned (and refraining myself from "rubbing-it-in" further... :-)
Nobody owns a drysuit or a wetsuit around here.
We mainly wear long sleeve rashies to prevent sun damage...

hate mail is predicted :-)

gnarlydog,I really enjoyed that.

I enjoyed that as well.
Very nice photography. Stunning is a word that comes to mind.

a couple more months to go
I have open water just 45 minutes away but I guess I am not aging well because in years past I would have shrugged off the cold to get out on the water but lately I just don’t have it in me. The cold windy days are too much work to paddle.

So here I sit waiting for spring or at least an above freezing day. Soon I hope. I look at the ten day forecast each day for a ray of hope. Long sigh. Looks like a lot more snowshoeing before I get to paddle again. April will not come soon enough!

Insult to injury
In northern Ohio our waters iced out, but a recent cold spell has started to harden them again. Ice was reforming on our main waterway near home. Where’s that stupid chipmunk. squirel…errr groundhog. I want to wring his varmit little neck. Six more weeks of winter…I want to kick his scrawny worm eating fanny into next winter.

Good work getting those compasses installed.

If you felt silly working on your kayak looking out at the snow outside, that is a lot better than I felt out on the river a couple of weeks ago. Total fog came down, and then I learned by little compass was not working. I had to cross the 1/2 mile wide river, going across the barge lane, I could hardly see the bow of my boat. I must have gone pretty straight across, but I had a very bad few minutes wondering if I was going in circles or aiming 100 miles down the channel to the Pacific.

Very nice
That’s what it’s all bout…paddling. Like the Green Piece name!

was the fog that thick that
you would have trouble seeing a 70P compass mounted on the deck anyway?

Some paddlers with poor eyesight complain that a recessed mounted compass in front of the front hatch is sometimes hard to see for them…

Therefore I decided on a closer mounted one on deck where I can place a little glow stick (fishing style)under the compass for night navigation.

The compass has a rubber housing that can be peeled back enough to slide the mini glow stick.

It does not ruin my night vision and I can see where I should be going

Image of compass at: