Composite boat breaking through ice sheet

Actually THAT ice and a kayak at sunset go rather well together… :sunglasses:

ICE and Qajaqs neat. Lake Minnetonka spring breakup few years ago. I posted this before. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What lake you you got the ski on in the photo?

That was at Lake Marion (close to I35 south of the Twin Cities).

I’ll probably get the ski on the water this weekend just to say to the missus that I can use it for 10 months in a year, instead of the 6 months she keeps bringing up since we moved to Winterfell. I don’t have many hopes of paddling in January or February though.

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Hey, candle ice. Fun stuff! Dunno about the Margarita tho.

Yeah. One. Don’t paddle on ice.
You can end up under ice if there is any current. It is really cold. And no one is coming out there to rescue you if you screw up.