Thanks everyone for all the suggestions.

I am going to take out my bosses 2 kayaks when it warms up a bit and use that as a baseline.

It looks like I will have to up my price range a bit to get the most appropriate design.

Thanks again!

Prijon combi tour
this is a boat I think I want…or something similiar.

sounds like just what you may be looking for…check ebay and craigslist and maybe you will get lucky.


Did you get my e-mail?
I sent you two, I’m from the valley too.

this one?
Thoughts on this kayak?

may be a bit small for him
The Yukon is a great boat all the same.

I have a friend that uses it on the ocean.

Slow but tough as hell.

He is in ridiculously good shape so can keep up.

Slow Stable
For a first boat it may be ferfect.

If you can try it with a friend you will get a better idea.

It is a boat I would buy for my kids.

It MAY (MAY?) be a little small for you but it is worth a look.

It looks like a boat you could roll easily but still have lots of initial stability.

She won’t keep up with the Nordcapps, but who cares for now. Some of those boats would turn you off the sport if you go there too soon.