cot camping

Which cot
I see the aire pads are 78" long but the cots come in 74 and 84. Weight and size are not an issue as I am thinking about a setup for inside a toy hauler trailer. Are the pads firm enough that 2" at each end doesn’t matter or do you use the long cot?

To cot or not to cot?
There is such a thing as a backpacking cot. See for example the Luxury Lite for a mere $229:

I can think of two reasons for using a cot: (1) They make it easier to get up off the ground and (2) They avoid uneven terrain, stones, etc.

If you’re young and agile I would say the extra weight and bulk of a cot isn’t worth the trouble, and the REI Campbed 3.5 with no cot should suit most people. I’m not young and agile, but I sure wouldn’t haul the Camptime Roll-a-Cot around on my kayak—or the Campbed 3.5 either. A canoe is a different matter, though.

Mega Mid
Black Diamond Mega Mid is a light weight, extremely durable packable floorles design that can be set up almost anywhere in any conditions.I have used it on river trips and snow canmping to emergency shelter in a bolder field. Have used in a wash with water running through the tent while soundly sleeping on a cot in the rain. Lucky it did not flash. A floor can be ordered separately.Packs down to less than a football.

The Roll-A-Cot is not well suited to yaks or packs. As I recall it’s a 25 pounder. Sho be nice though.

Roll a Cot weighs 10 lbs, not 25
Rolls up to 5" x 37". If that fits in your canoe, then be my guest.

Yeah, 25 was a bit hyperbolic.

Sorry Pirate,
I just now saw your question. I use the standard length cot with no issues, and I know others who do as well.

Thanks brother
I knew you’d be by eventually