Cross bow rudder question

When making a bouy turn or sharp turn and the bow paddler does a cross bow rudder, are they supposed to hold it through the entire turn, or do they alternate going back to paddling on the same side as the stern paddler?

We were experimenting with it today, and with the bow paddler holding it through the entire turn we dropped speed considerably toward the end of the turn.

thanks in advance for any help or advice?



After the speed bleeds off, aren’t you
suppose to do a cross draw and then go over the bow and finish with a sweep. Anyhow, it works for me.

That is what seemed to work best,
but we didn’t get to practice it too much since it was toward the end of the day.

Up until yesterday, we always turned by her (in bow) doing draws on the turn side and me doing hard sweeps on the opposite, but that cross bow seemed to turn us much quicker with the exception of me getting aerobic as hell doing sweeps and then right at the end of the turn our speed dropping off by 1 mph.

Thanks everyone.

There are two short down river races (one kayak and one in the Penobscot) this coming Saturday which should be a pleasant break from the racing boat training.