Crossover or Touring/Sea Kayak?

I would add the NDK Romany Sportive to your list. It’s slightly longer, about 15.5 feet I think. It’s their LV poly model, a very good all around sea kayak.

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@SuperflyTNT thanks for the tip - that looks like a very nice kayak. But I think probably a bit beyond my price range :blush:

Hi All,

I wanted to provide an update and to say a big thank you to everyone who replied to my post with help and advice. After looking at many boats and trying a few, I ended up buying the Dagger Stratos 14.5S. Although I’ve only paddled it a couple of times and on calm water so far, I absolutely love it! I’m not mad on the colour (would have preferred something brighter) but I didn’t have a choice on that due to general lack of availability of this model. My partner and I started a sea kayaking course yesterday and we’re joining a paddling club that has all kinds of programs across many disciplines. Very exciting :laughing:.


Great result! Looks good, and now come the modifications.

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Is a skirt on the way to you? You can do a lot of stuff with this boat once you have that literally covered.

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Outstanding choice. And the color pops! You will learn to roll it in the next year too.

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@Celia a custom skirt has been ordered but will take a couple of weeks :grin:

@kayakhank thanks! Looking forward to learning a whole bunch of skills!