Current Designs Cypress

anyone paddle one?

Talk about a low front deck
I don’t exactly have beefy thighs but I can barely get them under the thigh hooks. Even the petite women I know don’t like the fit. But I know someone that has an essentially new plastic one for sale…

Looks nice, but…
I can’t believe CD hasn’t incorporated a 70P compass recess on their new boats especially the Brit designs.

the new boat?

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I sat in a high volume willow and it felt fine, the cypress has a little higher deck than the regular Willow depending on which product literature you are reading from. CD has some funny thigh/seat dimensions on their older boats,,just double checking, you have been in their new glass boat that's 16'9" long and 22" wide?

you can have my
70P compass recess

wish my boat came without it

nothing but a big eye sore, since I can’t read a compass way up there

they should supply a matching tile so you can retain the option of closing the recess over

(I’ve got some donut holes
you can have too)

I wondered about that
it seems kind of far away, on a sailboat to look at a compass that far away it’ll be a LOT bigger. I’d rather it was positioned around the front bulkhead.

Reading the 70P
I barely pass my drivers license vision test without glasses yet for some reason the 70P mounted forward of my front hatch is much easier to read than the smaller Orca mounted on the fore deck.

Besides they just look so cool…

coolest looking blur
I’ve even “seen”