Current Designs Slipstream

Tracking Manueverability
Slipsteam more tracking and Pintail more the other end of the spectrum.

Slipstream a little more storage room than the pintail.

Depends on what you need and enjoy in a boat.


What do you need to do?
You haven’t indicated whether you want to go touring over distances, or camping, or just fun and play close in. You really need to figure that out before deciding. For example the Pintail is a very neat boat (though the cockpit fit would need improvement), but Pintails often come up used because people find that they want a boat for day or longer touring purposes and the Pintail is just too disinterested in going straight.

I probably need two, or maybe more
different boats, depending on what kind of paddling I am planning on doing. But, since I only have $ and storage for 1 boat, I guess I have to make a decision. I tend to alternate between doing day touring and going out to play in some wind/waves. I guess if I can only have one boat, that leaves me with the choice of having a boat that is fun to play with in choppier water (Pintail), versus something that I will be happier with if I am looking to cover some distance (Slipstream). As far as speed, I wonder if they are both fairly equal??

Looking at the hatches on the Pintail, there does not seem to be a lot of room for storage, even though it is a foot longer.

Thanks again for your input, it has been really helpful to me as I am thinking through this!

Impex Force 3
I would urge you to include it on your demo list. I am 5’1, 115, been paddling for a year, taking instruction, and have tried a LOT of boats. As a small paddler it is truly a gem that does a lot of things VERY well! It tracks well, drives into wind and waves easily, maneuvers with a lean and a dropped hip, and I continue to be amazed at how easily I can move it, turn it into the wind and out of the wind. It handles following seas, quartering seas, beam wind and I’m not white knuckled! The better I get at paddling, the better the boat performs. It’s a comfortable boat to sit in for hours. The seat positions you squarely on your sits bones, and it is a pleasure to paddle. You don’t have to fight with it. At my weight with my day kit it sits in the water well, no need to add ballast to get it into the water! It’s a long sleek beauty for a really small paddler.