Current Roof Rack, or do I need somethin


New to kayaking. I would like to place 3 SOT kayaks on top of a 97 4runner as cheap as possible. It has current factory crossbars, but I’m not sure 3 kayaks will fit on top.

Kayak length, 16’, 9’.5", 8’.5"

What would you recommend?

Great site, thanks for your help!

Plastic Kayaks?
If your kayaks are plastic/rotomold and not too wide- you might be able to get away with a stacker system

Current Roof Rack, or do I need somethin

It’s a tarpon 160, tribe 9.5 and pescador 8.5

I was hoping a stacker would work without having to put in a bunch into a new, longer rack system. If I do have to go with a rack system,what’s the cheapest way to do that? Yakima w/ crossbars and a stacker? For my truck it’s like 480 because I have to go with the q towers.

I’m trying to look out for a trailer to, but right now, very expensive.