D-ring source

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Here is a question for you older folks who used to backpack.

Kelty sold accessory D-rings that could be mounted to their pack frames via the 1/4" clevis pins that held the pack bag to the frame. Handy accessory, but noisy little devils unless in use with a shock cord.

But I digress. I would love to locate some of these for various outfitting chores. So far all I can find are 1" D rings without the SS band for mounting. As I recall the bands were about 1/2" with the rings sized accordingly.

Any sources known to the collective wisdom of P-Net?


Similar, but different:


Not as strong
but a whole lot quieter. North Water makes a plastic D-ring with a flat piece of plastic molded onto the flat side. It’s designed to be sewn onto something or my favorite application, slipping them between a hull and gunwale for a tiedown point. Just drill a hole through them and rivet into place.


It’s the lower left piece.

Another source

Hoist ring

As close as I can tell

is what I am looking for, although as memory serves the Kelty units were 1/2". Still, Strapworks is the only source I see that offers a SS strap attachment.

Thanks for the link!