DBDC blade size, what's too small?

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Oops, that should have said DBCP. I'm considering buying a 108" long fiberglass kayak paddle with 21" x 4.5" blades for use with my Sawyer Summersong solo canoe. I won't have a chance to test paddle before buying the paddle, so I'm wondering if that size blade would be too small for touring.

Since other recent posts have discussed using greenland paddles with only 3.5" wide blades for solo canoes, it seems to me that 4.5" wide blades may also work reasonably well for long day trips in the Summersong when I want to use a double blade for a change of pace, especially when I try the Summersong on the Great River Rumble this summer. My bent shaft single blade would get most of the duty.

My main reason for looking for a longer paddle is for keeping drips out of the canoe. I still get drips with my 230cm.

The paddle weighs 40oz, which is the same as my Bending Branches Infusion Plus.

Anybody have experience paddling a solo canoe with double blade paddle with blades this small?


No such thing
I paddle my Explorer with a 12’ x 1.125" pole when the water gets deep. figure about 36" of that is in the water acting as a paddle so that would be 40.5 square inches. It moves the boat along ok.

21" x 4.5" gives you somewhere under 94.5 square inches.

Unless you are paddling whitewater or surf I think a smaller blade and higher cadence is considered the most efficient way to move a boat. But that gets argued about all the time.

I guess it really comes down to personal preference.

Try it and let us know what you think?

Thanks for the feedback TommyC1
I’ll research this a little more before I make the purchase. It’s very tempting. I’m also considering talking to Onno about making me 9’ paddle for obout $40 more than the asking price for this paddle. His would be a little lighter.

Any more thoughts on DBCP blade size?

I’m using a 240cm Manta Ray for river
paddling. I get dripping sometimes, but the paddle pants take care of it. I have a 240cm Bending Branches Infusion Dream for flatwater that works pretty well. I would buy a smaller blade if I did much flatwater or was in the wind a lot. But we hang out on rivers, so I’m good.