Deck compasses

of general GPS interests

I looked for the next SpaceX launch not this launch.

Jogging on Pat’s Island Rd, I went thru the motions in tune with the launch then walking east startled then looked around and saw the smoke trail…no conscious sound.

28.531174, - 80.566924

85 miles

29.24932, - 081.70284

Pat’s island is a filming site for the film THE YEARLING.

Pat bought land then subdivided. The road to the truck photo lefthas woods with small clearings now scrubbing up.

I watched a dawn polar STS mission launch from a ridge south but higher than here. Remarkable orange glow in darkness as the sun rose, the STS flying up past my site right to left as the Shuttle flew up the east coast.

Ritchie V-527

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confirmed in a video by WS:

however, it looks like it sits up higher, not flush: