Deck mounting systems for SINK

best of luck
If he wanted to direct you toward a particular mount he’d have done so. But his blog is cool.

utterly stupid
forget the uncomfortable; the unit looks incredibly stupid and I only can take footage with that contraption on my head where nobody else is around :slight_smile:

Actually it is very uncomfortable and throws my head out of balance. Rolling with it in the surf was particularly tricky. It is not something I would wear regularly but only for very short time to capture what I want and then take it off.

Unlike on full face motorcycle helmets where the fit is super snug against the head/face, the tiny straps of a kayak helmet are not a very good retention for an extension arm with camera on it, not to mention that the wearer has to control the motion of the spin.

To think of it: fabrication took more than a week (counting the curing of the carbon plate), capturing footage took an hour or so, edit took a few days. Result: a few seconds of footage made it to the final cut.

Worth considering?

That’s a great way to put it. Sometimes I feel that way with just my regular cameras. It’s not like I’m doing anything so amazing or extreme to warrant capturing it on film, but I just like getting the footage and editing it later. It’s like a diary of all my paddling endeavors.

So I’m guessing you leave the spinning rig on land while you’re not using it?