Delta 17 vs Eddyline Fathom vs current designs solstice GT

I’m the same size as you and have been paddling a Delta 16 for six years. GREAT boat. I think that Delta’s thermoform acrylic is the best overall construction material available. It’s very stiff like composite but lighter, incredibly impact resistant, won’t fade, won’t oil can, and scratches buff right out. With a 22” beam, the 16 can feel a bit tippy at rest, but underway it is rock solid. The boat really shines in rough water and surf - fast, very stable, responsive and assuring. It’s an easy boat to edge, turns quickly and rolls well. As much of a performance boat as the 16 is, it can swallow a ton of gear and is great for extended touring. Delta also has the best hatch system (press lock) that I have seen on any boat. Storage compartments stay bone dry even in rough water. Overall construction quality is excellent and it’s a real value compared to composite and Kevlar boats. The 17 is larger, but I would imagine that it has similar performance characteristics. I highly recommend Delta kayaks.

I also have an Eddyline Fathom LV. Great boat, not a lot of rocker. The Eddyline Raven has more rocker but it’s not made anymore; used one is probably available. I liked my demo in a Raven but decided on the Fathom LV. The cockpit on the FathomLV is pretty snug and I’m not a large person so keep that in mind; maybe the regular Fathom is not as cozy as the LV? The day hatch on the Fathom is really handy.

Well its going to be a difficult decision. I will start emailing places and see when, even if next year, there might be demo days where I can try at least 2 of these out. Even if I can’t demo I would like to sit in them to see how it feels so I need to find places that carry these.

I live just outside of Philadelphia PA and I am not sure of many places near me. I saw a place in CT that seems to have a good selection so sent them an email. IF you all know of any places let me know. I don’t mind driving a good distance especially if I am gonna pay what these kayaks cost.

I am not taking anything out of the running but the more I have read about the Parana the more interesting it has become to me. So that may be my current #1 followed by the Delta 17 and then the Eddyline. The solstice looks great but I feel like it is going to be rather similar to my current Jura HV. I know it will be lighter but I have a feeling it is going to react in similar ways to wind and waves. I could be wrong.

Like I said I am looking for efficiency - light and easy to paddle with some good tracking capability. Would also like it to react well to a lean. I know tracking and turning are opposing capabilities but from what I read the Parana seems to have both…

Did you contact Blue Mountain Outfitters? They sell Current Designs boats and arrange private demos by appointment.