Did you cut the panic strap off?

Yup !
and that is why I now would do a wet exit if I ever capsized.

My rolling experience(s)- all two of them might give some of you a chuckle:

Many moons ago I had a Perception Corsica -S and took a roll class at a local college pool in charlotte.

On the last day I had it down good, so of course now I was a “pro”.

My fist experience was in a raging WW trout stream after a all day Gully washer.

I had my skirt on, PFD on, and helmut on and on the very first rapid I flipped. As I was trying to set up for my roll, my head was bouncing off the rocks and I was getting trashed pretty good. - I missed the first one and then after missing the second one decided it was time to bail. I reached for the grab loop and I had made the cardnal mistake and tucked it under the skirt. By the time I was able to tear the skirt off, I was sputtering big time.

I figured a wet exit was the way to go from then on

Experience number 2: Two years ago I decided it was time to try it again using my sea kayak.

I had Derek Hutchinsons book and was going by his steps.

I picked a place off the back side of Bahia Honda Key in about five feet of nice clear water.

He advises to “relax as you roll, and while you are upside down take the time to look around and enjoy the underwater scenery”.

I did exactly that but instead of beautiful scenery, about a seven foot long Bull shark was hanging right there checking me out.

Needless to say I bailed and made a bee line to the beach.

I figure three strikes and your out, so I’ll just rely on wet exits and self or assisted rescues.



It’s happened
Only a few time that I can remember, but the last time was just this last weekend. Usually when there is a rush to get onto the water and you start getting lazy about checking 'cause you’re used to doing it right.

Great stories!
I would have probably done the same in both cases - but I’d have had the exact opposite reaction in regards to rolling though, and would have worked to make the roll a reflex!

Lost grab loops and sharp teeth are some of the best reasons to have a decent roll I can think of!

Why so difficult?
I’ve had the loop in a few times - and after a slight panic the first time it happened - it makes little difference to me now. Pretty easy to grab a big handful of skirt over to one side and pop the thing off. If not - you have one crazy tight skirt. Maybe a WW thing?

Some paddlers seem to have a “one way it comes off” mentality, which is dangerous. Break it fast by practicing other options (and not just the manufacturer’s options like straps).

Yea, but I never tip!
I know, I know - famous last words!