Difficult entry & exit of kayak

Great answer
Great answer from waterbird on entry and exit of kayak. This will work no matter how stiff or weak your legs and back are. I always wear knee high neoprene kayak boots and stay dry. Always ended up flipping in muddy swamp water till I started doing it this way! 75 years old and go alone in really remote places every week.

Kayak stabilization at launch and exit
Go to www.kayaarm.com for effective, efficient devices for kayak stabilization at launch and exit.

Beware of the KayaArm. I recently purchased 2 for launching and storage. I found them very expensive and they did not work. After verifying installation via pictures with the OEM, they were extremely difficult to lift or lower the canoe. They immediately sent new shoes and some home made tool, indicating it is a known issue. Unfortunately, they didn’t work and now I have a very expensive static storage rig. The OEM solution is to remove, repackage, and send back. No concern whatsoever of the alteration/damage to my dock and bumper from installation.