Digital Camera Doesn't Swim

Okay, it’s a 4 year old camera (128 in digital years), but I’d like to see it work again.

Quick story:

I’m not smart, I flipped, it filled with water. The water quickly drained from the body except the lens which appears to still be full of water.

I haven’t turned it on and was hoping the water would eventually drain out. Doesn’t look like that’s happening. Afraid that the magic smoke will release when I turn it back on.

Any ideas for digital CPR?


don’t rush into things
give it another 4 years

Not sure if this will work for you
I have a waterproof camera that did get some moisture into the lens area after living in my PFD for about a week straight on a trip last fall. Fogged the lens, and caused fuzzy pictures. Solved this by getting the camera out of the PFD for a while and then leaving it in the sun, so it heated up. That caused the condensate to re-vaporize. I think I may have opened the battery hatch, so that it had a way out.

Mine never worked again.
I had a similar incident a couple years ago where my Canon A80 took a swim with me after a capsize. It never worked again.

I’m pretty sure I tried the standard CPR of removing the batteries and letting it thoroughly dry out before turning it on again.

My cell phone which also got dunked started working after a week or so.


Just took my Minolta digital…
…for a swim on Sunday and it has come back to life. It doesn’t sound promising for yours though. No water inside the lense elements on mine although the viewfinder was fogged on the inside.

What I did:

*Removed batteries ASAP

*Shook out water

*Held the camera outside the car window on the ride home with all the covers open

*Blew the water out with air compressor @ home

*Put camera in dry box with DRYZONE packets overnight

*Camera still in dry box to remove all traces of H2O


Baggie full of rice
I have heard of this being an excellent way of drying out electronic equipment. Take out the batteries if you have not already.

Get the battery out ASAP

Fried (camera) rice…


If you haven’t already, remove the batteries.

I’ve had good luck by putting such soggy electronic toys in my food dehydrator overnight. Others have simply set them in a sunny windowsill. Alternatively, you could put it inside a paper shopping bag or other semi-enclosed area with a hair dryer pointing in at it; low- or no-heat settings only.

To get the water out of the lens and other hidden nooks and crannies, try letting it rest in various orientations while you dry it: upright, inverted, on end, facedown, etc… There’s gotta be some tiny hole where the water got IN to the lens, just gotta let it OUT there.

Good Luck!


Thanks for the suggestions
I took the battery out right after it came out of the water. The camera was off, so I don’t think it’s dead yet.

I stuck it on the air vent on the floor and have rotated it around some.

It’s a Nikon, so the rice trick might help. :wink:

Thought about trying the leaf blower to it – maybe this weekend.


might I interest you guys
in a drypack for your camera?

they do exist you know…

I got interested after soaking my GPS.

Try putting a vacuum over every hole you can find, suck the moisture out.