do SOPs have an indigenous lineage

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Everyone here knows where kayaks came from. I'm curious if SUPboards are a purely modern invention or if they also have distant roots and were used for purposes other than pure recreation.

Do you mean SUP?
If you mean SUP, they also came from indigenous people, but in this case Hawaiian. Part of the history of surfing.

I do indeed
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"Beach Boys"
I don’t know about ancient Hawaiians doing this, likely they did.

Most people in the know trace it back to surfers from the 40s on who did it mostly to take pictures of tourists while on the water. Here is some oral history…

I went to a surfing museum in Hawaii
They claim it goes back a long way, but I saw no evidence that they were paddled. Strictly stand up, no blades.


Philippine Bamboo SUP
Old method of transportation in the Philippines and throughout SE Asia. Not just for recreation. Seen on rivers and the open ocean.

While not technically…
paddleboards many indigenous peoples, past and present, paddle/d dugout canoes while standing. Not to mention, those old Maine guides with their long paddles at times paddled standing.

A good website for indigineous craft
is Bob Holtzmans… He of Mythic Gear.

Rafts were common… paddled standing.