Dog bit ZRE paddle

that belongs to my husband while we were running the shuttle. A fellow paddler left her dog tied to her kayak while we were gone and he got in my husbands canoe and bit his paddle, leaving three small holes in it. Is there any thing he can do to fix it or should he leave it as it is?

Ask Zav.

I’d have its balls cut off
That would fix it.

too funny! NM

First I would shoot the dog, then…
Use two part epoxy to fill the holes,(rough up around the edges with sandpaper first) and while it is wet tape a piece of saran wrap or a stiff piece of plastic celophane over the hole(s).

The next day take the tape and saran wrap off, (it will peel right off) and you should have a good repair.



Embrace the damage. . . .
It’s a good story, as long as it doesn’t affect the performance of the paddle. And it can always be embellished, such as, the paddle saved his life when he used it to fight off a killer pitbull (later expanded to bull shark).



Sell it to the guy in Ohio arrested…
for having sex with a picnic table:


Most definately repair it.
Two- part epoxy is good. You can use wax paper too for smoothing the repair.


Leave the dog alone
shoot the owner.

epoxy repair, or…
I wouyld try the epoxy repair as described above.

Being a Zav, worse comes to worse you can always replace the blade. They have good instructions on their web site for replacing it.

Do you have a cat?
Perhaps you can convince the cat to do something to their boat…

just kidding.

I Love My Dogs
But I agree with Jackl and Chuck (LOL)! I would call ZRE, they would have the best solution. I’m certain it is fixable. If not, if you want to sell it…WW

Thanks for all the advice
and great comments. I’m afraid I don’t have any dogs or cats to try to use to get even with. I love them, just don’t have any now. I shall pass all this knowledge along to my husband. It will make a good story to tell.

IMO … the paddle is even better now.
C/W a good story …

EZ fix … call me if ZRE is hard to reach …

Happened to me too
Puppy nibbled on my foam cored carbon Werner. It was an easy fix with Epoxy. You cannot even see the damage. The hard fix was pulling the carbonfibre splinters out of the dog’s gums.