Double Waist Tunnel

I recently bought a used Bomber Gear dry suit. It has a waist tunnel that is claimed to be used in conjunction with with the spray skirt. Just how exactly, is this double waist tunnel supposed to work?



Put the spray skirt tunnel between…
…the suit material and the tunnel. Helps keep water out of the boat if it’s rough or your rolling. Does a better job of this than if there was not a ‘double tunnel’ incorportated into the suit.

Double Tunnel
Thanks jmden. I kind of thought that was the procedure but had no one here to consult. My skirt has suspenders, so I’m assuming that I just tuck them inside the skirt and away I go. Thanks again.


Most of those dry tops…

…are made for the whitewater community where the

skirts do not have suspenders.

I readily admit that I’m primarily a white-water paddler who also does some touring, so my

observation may be off a bit, but the touring

skirts with suspenders that I’ve seen would not

really be suitable for for the kind of

weather/water for which you’d need a dry top.

Some suspenders OK
There are touring skirts that have suspenders, also a neo deck, some kind of breathable tunnel and a wide waist with a velcro closure on one or both sides for the outer tunnel that are very apt in open water situations where a dry top would be a good idea. Usually talking about a situation where you might have to roll but you wouldn’t be over for so long that a lot of water would find its way in thru the double tunnel, and having the full drytop would help protect core warmth. The suspenders are usually removable in these skirts.

This isn’t the same as the loose and floppy all-nylon skirts with suspenders that you often see pictured.

Ah. Thanks…

…My touring skirt is an all neo one that doesn’t have suspenders. The only suspendered ones I’m

familiar with the nylon ones, and they are really cheap.