What about snow?


Of course
I would never do that! Only some very gentle dragging on grass.

Excellent Point
I think that I am ok with dragging my kayak n snow. I will watch out for trees, though.

Same here with our 100 pound
fiberglass tandem.

I don’t hesitate to pull my carbon/kevlar kayak up on a grassy bank or for a short distance on a fine sand.

One year I dragged our tandem kevlar Comp Cruiser along a pine needle portage for several hundred yards, when my partner had trouble walking due to cramped legs.

With me, concrete and gravel is a no no, and I cringe when I see newbie know it alls draggging their plastic kayaks on concrete.

Jack L

Jack L

thats why we moved to glass
our particular plastic boat once it had a hole worn in the stern at the point of the vee was impossible to fix.

Plastic may be tough but once it goes…it can be gone.

Thank you!
Thanks, everyone, for your advice. I have determined that my kayak agrees with grass, but I will always carry it when asphalt/rocks/ concrete are present.

Thanks again!

I have dragged boats over beaver dams that are made of wood and organic debris, but really don’t drag loaded boats hardly at all. Lining is a much better option, or portaging when required.

Aluminum boats are affected the least, but all other boats can be damaged by the abrasion of dragging. It is a poor practice.