drinking water storage

I used 2 gallons in 3 days on my first ever solo kayak trip. I just used gallon jugs from the store. The blatters that I see only hold 2 liters.

What is the best way to pack water in a kayak?

How much do you carry?

MSR Dromedary bag
I have used simple store plastic jugs just fine. I’ve also used 10 liter MSR Dromedary bags. I’ve sometimes have stuffed the water bag just behind my seat inside the cockpit (straps and being wedged keep it in place if I flip). I like having the weight close to me and being in the cockpit removes some worry of containers leaking.

How much water of course varies greatly depending on destination. The most I’ve needed was eight gallons but that’s rare.

Get a water filter
You’re better off getting a water filter. Remember water is 8 pounds per gallon. A filter Katadyn for example will weight around one pound and take up a lot less space.

if you have fresh water near.
not sure desalinization is very practical just yet.

MSR bladders and filter
The MSR bladders are tough and come in a variety of sizes. They are well designed. The long tube shapes are good for kayak cargo compartments.

I also carry a filter, but sometimes there is farm runoff (canoeing) and I don’t believe that any of the filters will remove farm chemicals…that’s when the bladders are nice to have.

dromedary, wine bags, etc.

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bags that deflate in size as the water is used are better, as that frees up space as the trip goes on. MSR Dromedary bags are about the only ones on the market right now. I have also used wine bags from boxed wines (was able to find a small stash of unused ones - advantage of being near wine country). REI used to have a bag that was similar to these wine bags, but also had a plastic protective outer case and handles. Unfortunately, that is off the market.

Does seem that a lot of the places I paddle does not have water you'd want to drink, even after filtering. Specifically industrial chemicals or salt water.

If i am bringing along my water i buy

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it in the regular vending machine size, but by the case in the department store, the smaller size stuffs into all the nooks and crannies around your gear. Just bring a garbage bag to haul them out . Save the unused ones for the next trip. you can help balance the load easier this way also.

I just fill my day hatch
with drinking water and use a straw

on daytrips…
I toss a couple 1 qt hard-shell bottles behind the seat and my bottle on deck.

On longer trips, I have my MSR dromadory under my thighs, a water pouch behind my seat and a filter.

I also carry a large empty water bag in the hatch.

Frankly, whenI need a drink, I don;t want to filter, i want water now!

So I carry a gallon for imdiateuse and when I camp, I take the time to refil the bags and the empty one with filtered river water.

on the sea??? I’d be afraid that I wouldn’t be able to find a water source for my “gallon-a-day” habit.

2.5 gallon
I can get one of the supermarket 2 1/2 gallon rectangular containers jammed snugly in my cockpit in front of my footpegs. Perfect use for that spot.

For freshwater, I use a Camelback,
and carry a Steripen, plus Aquapure if needed. Saves a lot of weight. For saltwater, there are 1-2 gallon flexible containers which can be stored easily though that much water is heavy.

Pack Tap
Sea to Summit makes the Pack Tap in sizes ranging from 2 to 10 L. They are similar to the dromedary bags, but a little bit cheaper.

Great help

Thanks to everyone!!!

Lots of containers and a mesh bag
I use lots of containers and a mesh bag to store the empties. Not all the containers are bags that collapse as they empty. I still like these as when they are in the mesh bag they provide extra flotation in the boat.

I too carry about 2 gallons a day on trips unless it is cooler then I carry about 1.5 gallons. In most places I can find a supply of fresh water every couple days so I have never carried more than 3.5 gallons.

I often see folks who have one or two bug bags and when the system fails they think the first bag is empty so they just switch it out. Then the leaking system hose or fitting drains the rest of their water and they have a really bad time of it. so bring at least three or four containers, even if you don’t need all that weight, you do not have to fill them up all the way. When paddling hard it is easy to miss things, but by you time you drain your second bag too fast you will figure it out.

I’ve seen this a couple times, so I always bring a variety of containers.