Drysuit, got it! Repair and bootie advic

Just curious, how much did you pay?
I wasn’t clear whether you saved about $350 off the list price of a GME or off the list price of a GMER? Just curious.

Paul S.

Has latex sock kits sitting in there closeout bin. $33.99 for the latex socks aqua seal and instructions. I have no idea how hard this would be but maybe its worth a try.

I paid, drumroll please, $500 even, plus $15 shipping. New with tags. Blem becuase of the 1/4 inch tear on the sleeve.

Its Gote-tex GME, not GMER.

good fitting neo socks should have anything underneath. That just creates more room for infiltration. If you are going the neo route, have good fitting neo socks and then cover that with a good fitting pair of neo shoes.


Far Easier DIY
job than changing a neck gasket. At worse, an hour and then a full 24 hour cure of the glue.


I find I am much warmer with integral
booties then I ever was with the Chota Mukluks. Have more room too. No reason you can’t wear your Chotas over the suit.

McNett–good idea.

Don’t know if it’ll work on Gore-tex though.

Not the goo
I was thinking about the purpose-made Gore-text repair kit.