Drysuit Repairs

Thanks! Very generous offer! I did some searches on the hyperstretch hoods for sale and don’t find any in my size (I have a large head and thick hair so I would need a L or XL). If you want to PM me to make arrangements, I’d be happy to pay you fair value for one including shipping via Paypal. I’d only need a 5/3 mm, but wouldn’t decline a 7/5.

No rush on it, since I don’t expect to do any serious paddling for a month or two. Though it’s sunny and 60 in Pittsburgh today and when I put several of my blooming indoor potted plants on the front porch there were hungry bees swarming the flowers within minutes. Yet the overnight temps were below 20F on the weekend and we have been told to expect snow Wednesday – same as last week when we had an 8 inch dump of it that melted within days.

I think mine are mediums but I’ll send a picture next week!

They are 5-3

Also they make men’s which I would not be against myself just because the fabric is so hyper stretchy

I think the men’s are easier to find and I’ll keep a look out. Everytime I find something I like they discontinue it.

Isn’t that the truth (obsolescence!) Makes me crazy when I find a product that I really like, only to have it disappear from the markets when I need to replace it.

Wading through the Henderson listings is nuts – they have so many different versions and names for their materials! And on the used listings, mostly S and XL so far. Per their hood size chart I am definitely a L (head 23", neck 14")

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