Tropos Meridian Suit???
I saw that suit when shopping for mine…looks nice but seems like it is the same suit as the SuperNova but with a latex neck gasket—cool, but…why does it cost $150 more??? Seems like they’re charging a whole lot for a neck gasket.

Maybe I am missing something here.


I might not pee as much as some
but can easily hang spud in my nrs drysuit without the relief zipper. Yeah I have to work at it a little but where there is a will…

tropos meridian
I found the suit, but only in yellow,does anyone know if it is available in the blue? With the tropos fabric of course

This is where I got my Tropos Meridian suit. I wanted it in yellow though think they offer in blue, not sure.

As to why its $150 more than the Tropos Supernova, it also has the foldover waist neo just like the Meridian that helps keep water from going between the skirt and suit and getting into your boat.

I had the choice of this one or the NRS Extreme with relief/drysocks for about the same price. The Kokatat material seems nicer than the NRS and I like the way Kokatat backs up their products.

As to anyone thinking they won’t need a relief zipeer…yeah, right! Not only do I like Starbucks in the morning, but I had really trouble trying to move the sprayskirt up, open that big zipper, try to wedge a bottle inside the suit, etc., etc… Its just worth it to get it to save the the trouble.

Sorry, here is the link to Kayak Academy:


Barbara and George are very nice, the product only took two days by priority mail and I am not affiliated with them with the exception of having ordered a suit from them.


It never fails
that I have to go as soon as I get all my gear on. I’m thankful for the relief zip. Don’t have to take pfd or sprayskirt off, which is even more of a pain when everything has ice on it. The tunnel also protects the zip from freezing. Used mine twice today. Almost as quick & easy as wearing jeans.

I always make sure the zips are closed all the way before hitting the water. Not doing so is no sillier than leaving the drain plug out on a WW boat.