Eating Fish

Another vote for Al foil
Carry it in the flyfishing vest along with a bottle of lemon pepper. Catch trout, clean it, season it, wrap in foil and cook gently over fire = lunch. Catch and release the bones!

Ethics - Does what you’ve eaten count in the daily bag limit? What’s your gut feeling?

bare bones
A bloke on TV from Australia named Rob Bredl cooks his fish on the open coals without scaling or gutting them. He starts a brushy fire and lets it die down to coals then just lays the whole fish on top of it, turning over after a few minutes.

When he reckons the fish is done he brings it out and uses his knife to pull the burnt scales and skin off, eating the flaking meat directly off the bones. He just throws the shriveled guts away.

What - you don’t like sushi?

Until eaten and the evidence is disposed
of the daily bag limit applies, after disposal, its up to the individual and his/her conscience.

bring a cardboard box and cover it w/ aluminum foil. place a grill rack on the ground elevated with rocks and place some hot coals from the fire on the other side and add wet wood chips. place box over and smoke away. your box will need a little door that you can open and close to add wood chips and coals and also it will need a 1.5 to 2 in hole over the area you place your meat to vent the smoke. I bring a meat thermometer with me and stick it in the far side of the box with the meat and try keeping the box around 200 to 225. depending on the size of fish it should take around 1 to 2 hours for mouth watering smoked fish! if you are cooking from a campfire stay away from the pine and hemlock and find a hardwood like maple, oak, hickory, or ash.

baked in clay
If there’s clay soil in the area you’re fishing/paddling, just cover the entire fish in about 2 or 3 inches (thick) of clay and throw 'em right in the fire—the outside of the clay will get hardened from the heat and the fish will “bake” in it’s own juices. Just crack open the hardened clay off the fish and dig in. The skin and scales stick to the clay so you don’t even need to scale or skin them beforehand.