Effective repellant for no-see-ums?

bug shirt

– Last Updated: Apr-18-08 7:37 AM EST –

I've never found that repellents work for noseeums or black flies or to tell the truth all that well for mosquitos. And horse and deer flies, well those suckers can really get you on a hot day...

I use a Bug Shirt: http://www.bugshirt.com/ . A BugShirt will stop every single one of these critters no exceptions. I first got one after sitting at ECCKF for the evening on water show drenched in DEET and still swatting mosquitoes whereas my Bug Shirt wearing friends were just watching the show, jeans tucked in sox and no probs with bugs. Used it with terrible mosquitoes and black flies in Newfoundland--made me a believer. Off the water, on the Bug Shirt. Highly recommended.

another vote for Bug Shirt AND Avon
Skin-so-soft. I was in the Everglades this past November with no bug shirt but fortunately had Skin-so-soft. I’m getting a bug shirt for next time !

Bug Shirt for mosquitoes???
Don’t mosquitoes just bite right through those expensive bug shirts???

I wore my paddle jacket, nylon pants, gloves, and a headnet while on a chickee in Whitewater Bay in the Everglades in January in 84 degree temps…about died from heat exhaustion…the no-see-ums and mosquitoes were the worst I have ever seen…


Cigar smoke.

I don’t think I got any new bites out there today.

Vanilla for the little guys
Thermocell for skeeters and wave the white flag to chiggers,they give me a fit.

Had to Deal With 'Em Last Week
The species that were biting me were stopped when I smeared on the deet. I reckon the Harker’s Island branch of the family haven’t evolved enough to become deet resistant.

Not the “real” bug shirt, Waterbug.
there are some knockoff lookalikes out there but the “real” bug shirt has a tight enough weave in the cloth to keep the mossy’s from burrowing through.

Amen Bro
Thats what we use all the way through the Keys, Everglades and south Florida and I won’t use anything else.

In the Everglades the mosquitoes and no-see-ums will laugh at anything that doesn’t have deet in it.



…Dark Blue…
Blackflies love the color as well…

a very new insect repellent
this is a very new insect repellent, at least for me,because I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere, and the best thing is that is natural and it is not expensive and can be worn on clothes or as a bracelet


Found a new product on Sanibel
There’s a new product on Sanibel called No No-See-um and it worked better than anything else my husband and I have tried. And we have tried everything.