end toggles

And then our food gets spoiled and we
land on a beach and eat the turtles eggs, partly out of vengeance.


click what you got
some perimeter lines are off to the side and end before the bow. A loop of spliced 3/16" Vectran is stronger than any fitting on the kayak.

Actually Yes
Tow line carabiners should always be clipped into the deck lines, never the toggle.

why is that?

Poll here ???
How many of you toggle aficionados have ever swam a boat through heavy surf ( I’m talking bigger than 8’ breaking waves) hanging on to your toggles?

I’m finding this all kind of this as worthless dribble.

Time to go put my kayak on my car for Dawn Patrol.

your morning paddle will improve your mood.

drivel, drivel.

Deck Line attachment

– Last Updated: Dec-14-07 9:31 AM EST –

Deck lines are usually stronger and in better condition than toggle lines. It is quicker and easier to grab a deck line for attaching/detaching a carabiner.

Of course, depending on a given situation, or configuration of lines, clip into whatever you can get. But, deck lines are always my first choice.

it’s nice to have both options

– Last Updated: Dec-14-07 9:31 AM EST –

So I'd have to disagree.

But strictly speaking, neither was intended solely for attaching carabiners. Both are intended as a quick grasp point to keep hold of your boat.

After all, you have to do that before you can attach a biner anywhere.

Weak toggle lines are a maintenance issue, not a design issue.


Weak toggle lines are a COMMON maintenance issue. That’s why, when given a choice, I will choose deck lines over the toggle.


Another reason for a deckline clip on
is so that if I screw up and capsize, the towed person has a reasonable chance of getting krab off their boat. That said, end toggle lines work fine IF they are maintained.


If you think it’s a safety hazard…
…fix it.

One way:


PVC pipe from the hardware store is much more comfortable in my hands than Valley’s toggles and you can cut to the length that best fits you. Bungee back to deck fitting using larks head has worked very well the past year or so. No banging toggle.

Me too. Plus…
…I played with a BB gun and didn’t shot anyone’s eye out.

that’s what I recall, some perimeter lines aren’t very robust, 1/8" or the forward attachment is too far off axis. The little loop of vectran that goes through the endpour that the toggle attaches to and a carabiner can attach to is is stronger than any perimeter line.

pic of kayak end toggle

it is REMARKABLY dangerous
if the situation ever presents itself

Grabbing the toggle under water? When is that?