Entering, Returning from Canada

chained to be safe
What a contradiction- giving up freedom to be safe, in the land of the “strong and free”. I had a connecting flight through the US from New Zealand to Canada . Even though we did not depart the international secure section of the airport, everyone on our flight was fingerprinted and photographed by US “homeland security”. Now the US has the right to veto any passenger who crosses over US airspace even if the plane does not touch down in the US, for no reason other than they want to. I bet there is a program that picks up words like “homeland security” on the web so they can decide who to stop flying over the US. This is the tip of the iceberg. Do US citizens not know what is happening, or do they not care what chains are accepted to be “safe”.


I entirely agree. It is not clear how
adding burdens for obviously ordinary citizens is going to make us safer. It just means we end up dealing with smarter and better-documented terrorists.

I come back from . . .
. . . Mexico all the time. I have a passport but I have witnessed several folks crossing back that didn’t know the drill. They give 'em a hard time then let 'em in. I am assuming that they do the same thing up north.

LOL. I agree. NM

We are dual citizens
but only have our US passports - no other id needed. My Canadian application got sent back twice for photo unacceptance so i gave up - too much $$ couriering it over and over! They do ask for a passport. I would not take the chance without one or other accepted documentation as noted in earlier messages. It is not worth being held up for hours and hassled to feel like criminals!!

We were told Birth certificates dont cut it anymore. Only useful for things like social insurance numbers in Canada as i applied for them today for my kids and received immediately in Toronto.

Expedited passports are the best option in such a case but at some point- it will be too late.

fast passports
If you can get to one of the major cities that have passport offices (major offices) you can get your passport the same day, it’s not the same price, but it’s doable.

Bill H.

99% of customs agents are super
They are doing their job well. But they are the boss. Give them a foot of attitude and they will ruin your day

I accept their efforts to do their job,
even if it extends to searching my car for no constitutional reason, but I do not regard them as my “boss” and I do not accept their giving me a hard time. That’s not part of the relationship.