Entry/exit from a dock

Entry/Exit from a dock
I am pretty much convinced now that I can get in and out of any of the kayaks that have been discussed. My fitness level has greatly increased since purchasing the Kestrel last August. Now if I can just find some of these to demo,

Kayakpro Jet

Epic 18X

Think Fit

QCC Q700

WestSide EFT

and the CD Freedom


Newberg, OR

How’d you like/dislike the surfski?
The one you mentioned you had - according to above, it might be somewhat similar in stability to some of what you are considering. It might help if you could give a little more info on how you responded to that. (aside from it causing wet feet)

re: How’d you like/dislike the surfski?
I owned the Futura II surfskii for 8 years after ordering it directly from the factory without a demo. I liked it a lot, but found after buying the Kestrel 140 and switching back and forth last summer that I enjoyed the drier ride of the sit inside. Although the ski was a much faster boat, my fitness level back then was not up for it, so I sold it. Now that I have lost 75 lbs, I am looking for a faster boat.