epic 18x performence

why is that?
what is causing the difference between these 2 kayaks. the overhang itself does very little. the Epic kayak probably has more volume in the bow, so i’m unclear as to what performance features are being displayed and how they work.

Bouyant waterline length
much longer with the Epic. Same idea as a short-wheelbase vehicle as compared to a long-wheelbase vehicle, less pitching motion over bumps.

A secondary contribution might be a bit more forward paddler weight with the Epic, to keep the bow down at speed. The fulltime rudder avoids issues with tracking and weathercocking you’d normally get from this.


Yep, one is essentially much longer…
…as the water sees it.

Sort of like them pairing the 18 vs the 16, or Rec GP!

If you’re having trouble making a Tempest go straight on calm flat water, your paddling technique may need a tuneup. Stiff-tracking boats can disguise bad habits.

For instant feedback, borrow a whitewater boat and try paddling it on flatwater.

Epic in Video is the 16’
Not sure how long the “rocker” boat is, but the Epic is the 16’ model according to Greg Barton on the blog that goes with the video’s.

Cool - still point is the same.

Freya Hoffmeister

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will be using this kayak on her trip round Australia;

Not the topic but Epics are sweet!
Just got another opportunity to paddle by g/f Epic 16 today (11 miles, open lake water to wide river to twisty tidal creek).

Anyway, this boat is a rocket. Handles great, and tracks awesome. BTW, she had me take the rudder off (this is the older model Epic) last year. No skeg, no rudder and it tracks great.

I have a WS Tempest 170, which is a really nice boat that I like a lot and is no slug, but I really like th Epic. She has the new style seat in it, but it isn’t as comfortable to me as my Tempest seat.

Wish I could afford one…


Mt. Pleasant, SC


video in an old thread
the video was in an older thread and someone mentioned that the Epic has more volume in in stern. The bow of the Epic doesn’t rise up as much because the buoyancy in the stern keeps the stern from being pushed down into the water. (more or less their explanation)

Marketing note -

The videos are shot and edited by Epic to ‘prove’ that Epic are superior kayaks.