Ever bought a kayak online?

Yes and no

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regarding getting local dealers to match online prices.

I'll mention the positive experience by name of outfitter, but not the negative. D&D Outfitters in SW Ohio matched a price I found online for a kayak I was interested in. I compared what I would pay for the online kayak plus shipping vs. the local dealer plus tax and D&D knocked off a few dollars to meet the price of the former and made a sale as a result.

Another local outfitter is the only carrier of a line of kayaks I like a lot, but they charge full retail and don't discount their boat prices, EVER (or so I'm told by their sales staff). When I pointed out that I could get the same new boat online at a significantly better price ($200 or so less) even after paying for shipping, they basically said, "fine, go for it". These are not cheap kayaks, either. So I have to guess their target market is local yuppies who wander in and pay full price without ever having done one iota of research. Hope that works out for them.

I have had a few kayaks shipped and always had a good experience. (All plastic though, no composites.)

Good luck, and happy paddling!

Here are the places
I’ve bought from online and had good experiences with:

Appomattox River Co. (Virginia)

Mountain Man Outdoors (New York)

Ozark River Company (Missouri)

Paths Peaks & Paddles (New York - interaction with them was a bit odd, but end result was good)


three out of four
I too have purchased from Appomattox River Company, Mountain Man Outdoors and Path and Paddle and have had good experiences. I have always gone there to pick up, however, since I boat a lot in the ADK and Appomattox River Company is only 2 hours away from where I live.

bought online
I purchased my QCC online and had zero problems

I use craigslist
when I’m in Portland or Seattle. Lots of boats. Usually something good.

Did I understand right that you wanted the sales guy to leave customers who were already there to help you? If he had, then they’d be posting here, not you.

I can’t say because I wasn’t there, but more communication might have helped. Of course they’re going to try to sell you what they have on hand. You didn’t take it as helpful, but I think they intended it as helpful. Thinking you were maybe open to other options. Once they know you know exactly what you want, they’ll let you know if they can do it or not. But I’ve never met a business that didn’t want to make a sale. I think it was just a lack of communication.