Ever needed a pfd or a helmet?


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and it's my choice so don't bug me!

I've never wear a seatbelt, Ga law doesn't require it in a pickup

I've never needed my spare tire but it was part of the sale of a new vehicle.

I've never needed a seatbelt in an airplane, but the airlines force me to wear it. I've been in 3 helocopter crashes, 6 motorcycle crashes with cars (one I had a helmet on) and a train crash. None had seat belts

I've needed homeowner's insurance.

I've have a smoke detector to reduce insurance premiums.

I don't have a carbon monoxide detector.

You said "I've never needed to look both ways when crossing the street, but I still do." I don't know where you live but it isn't around here.

I never needed to wear a batting helmet when I played baseball, but the coach made me and the same in football.

I haven't had a physical exam in 29.5 years.

I eat chocolate, white bread, sugar and red meat

I don't wear a PFD...but I have one.

One of these days...I'm gonna die. Please let me go in peace.

It's been a boring day!

Paddlin' on

You should toughen up
If you find a PFD to be such a nuisance, I can’t imagine how you cope with anything.

Yes and yes
I sometimes play in a local WW park on my SOT. Helmet and PFD always. Getting bonked on the head by another paddler’s paddle while he was trying to be helpful would have hurt no less than an encounter with a rock. The PFD (and farmer john with padded knees) serves as a shock absorbing bumper as well as floatation.

As for flat water paddling I wear my PFD there, too, particularly if out in the middle. Besides, it’s a cool looking place to mount my river knife. That could start a whole 'nother argument.

Seat belts have saved me from injury a couple of times. Once in my Jeepster Commando when I was rear-ended at an icy intersection, and once when a drunk driver centerpunched/totaled my T-bird. I miss that car. I ALWAYS wear my seat belt when going beyond the end of my driveway.

but I’ve needed the seatbelt in my airplane. Hit a down draft and even with the seat belt on my head hit the overhead, pen and pencil came out of my shirt pocket. Rate of climb was more than

-500ft min.

Believe me,it’s not easy putting up with

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some of the BS that comes out on these boards...but I think I'm holding my own.

If you like wearing a PFD fine...wear it and don't whine about it or start something. We've already been there and back.

...my PFD isn't a nusiance. I just leave it home so it doesn't get wet, dirty or faded.

Pulling our leg?
Has anyone thought this person may be pulling your leg?

His stats say he’s a beginner, but he’s telling us he’s been boating 43 years. lol-- I wouldn’t call that a beginner.

Think about it. I bet he just tried to get a rise out of us.

I thought it was fairly warm in North Carolina year round, but perhaps this person felt need to keep your minds on paddling now that it’s winter in the north.

You bit on it.

Paddling profile…

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The skill level in a paddling profile means "very little" in many instances.


Some highly experienced paddlers on pnet have beginner listed as their skill level in their profile.

Some "if truth be known" beginners on pnet have intermediate listed as their skill level in their profile.

What a paddler has posted as their skill level on pnet is their "opinion" of their paddling skills, or in some cases, it is a jest on the part of that paddler.

One paddler's concept of what is class 3 whitewater is class 2 whitewater to others, and vice versa.

This is the best boat, that is the best paddle, this is the best pfd, that is the best tent. Are they? Really? Maybe/maybe not!

When you read a paddler's profile; take it all with a grain of salt. There are many "hidden agendas" in paddling profiles.Even many of those who have no profile posted have agendas.

I don't have a skill level in my profile. Therefore I could not possibly be a paddler. Maybe/maybe not!

It is snowing here, the temperature is near freezing, and the wind is blowing. I am a weatherman. Maybe/maybe not.

"You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows".


P.S. Some people do class 3 whitewater in a fully loaded Bell Wildfire with no airbags.
I have never seen any "photos" of this, but I'm sure it's true, because a pnet poster said they did.:^)

know what you
mean about the knife. Great coversation piece–I always tell people I wear it to fight sharks with.

absolutly right
This kind of thread is common here and always likly to engender some type of flame war. Any idiot knows the difference between wearing a pfd and not wearing one. Its easier to stay on top of the water if you are wearing one—that’s why I do. If you prefer not to that’s ok— its your business.

btw in all the years I’ve been paddling canoes, ww kayaks and sea kayaks,(about26 years or so) I’ve really only needed the pfd once. That was this year in the 07 Kenduskeag canoe race—Water was really high here and in March, really cold-lakes were still frozen. The race has some significant ww on it–usually managable at lower water levels but this year about 90 percent of the racers(around 500) capsized, including me and my partner. Glad I had the pfd on as well as my wetsuit.

As far as my helmet goes back in my ww kayaking days was quite useful on one particularly strenous trip on Seboomic rapids on the West Branch of the Penobscot—went over a series of class 4 ledge drops, average height about 5’, banged my head on a couple–but with the helmet no problem.

just think…
…what kind of great shape you would be in now if you had reconsidered some of those things!

Risky behavior
Risky behavior is getting too close to me while I’m loading my boat or gear. You might need the protection of your pfd AND helmet. I get focused on what I’m doing and have a reputation for being slightly dangerous with the boat and my paddle if you get within range without my knowledge. That and I just can’t see you when I’ve got the canoe overhead. :slight_smile:

Yes, a PFD saved my life once

in a dream.

It’s too early to start on this PFD stuff IMFO.

Yes, my PFD did save my life once.

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Instant immersion in 41 deg water would most likely been the end of me without it.
And one the PFD aborbed a nasty lick from a rock when I was thrown out of a raft .

you’re the only one "starting"
No one said you have to wear one, they’re just advocating in general. Maybe you need to stop making such a big fuss every time a PFD is mentioned…unless you really do care what everyone else does.

Well you got it right
I do care what others do. I wantt this to be a safe and unregulated sport. I respect everyone right to paddle and expect the same.

Did you know more people drown from power boat accidents who weren’t prepared to be in the water than paddlers and boaters aren’t forced to wear PFDs.